Want a Natural Remedy for Thrush? – First find the Cause of Thrush

Natural Remedies for thrush – for when you just need to be free from the itching and discomfort of thrush!

Natural Remedies For Thrush blog writer Tara Lewis

Natural Remedies Blog Writer Tara Lewis

Hi, My name is Tara Lewis and I hope you enjoy and get something out of my blog.  I’ve been there and worn the T shirt as they say when it comes to the dreaded Yeast Infection.

Here you will find practical tips if you are looking to relieve your symptoms using natural means.  Consider the natural approach after you’ve got yourself checked out by your doctor – just to make sure you definitely know what you are dealing with.  I’ve done considerable searching online to find for myself  a real (and by that I mean ‘practical’!), Natural method for some much needed relief from thrush!

When I first started digging about online and searching my local library I had what’s known as a ‘recurring Yeast Infection’. It would clear up for a while only to return weeks later :-( What I really wanted was a no bull tested Plan! and maybe someone to give me a few pointers along the way. Seem like a tall order?

Well here’s were I got my lucky break, In my online searching for relief, I got so frustrated at the basically useless information I called an old friend, who I knew had been big into natural remedies at college and asked her advice, you can take a peek at what she showed me here!

Most women will tell you that at some point, they have experienced the itching, burning irritation that accompanies thrush. In fact, it’s not only women who suffer from thrush. Men can get genital thrush too, and anyone can get oral thrush. Infants often suffer from nappy rash which is itself a form of thrush.

While finding natural remedies for thrush is usually the main goal , it’s also essential to understand the underlying causes. That way, you can avoid having to rely on natural remedies with the focus being on prevention.

Candida Explained

The underlying cause and the symptoms that natural thrush remedies seek to cure, is a type of yeast called ‘Candida’. This is naturally present in everyone’s body, but there are times when an imbalance or another underlying problem causes this naturally occurring yeast to overproduce.

A Picture of Thrush – “Paints a thousand words”

Often, this overproduction of Candida yeasts is thanks to antibiotics, which kill off the good bacteria in our bodies that keep it in check, resulting in a yeast infection, however, any number of things, such as douching and other every day things can lead to a yeast infection.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Of course, once you have developed a case of thrush, you will need to find a cure, whether it’s an over the counter medication, or one of the natural remedies for thrush that are out there, however, as with anything else, prevention is better than cure.

Poor diet, certain medications, stress and auto immune diseases are all linked to Candida infections, and it’s important to note that if you do treat the symptoms of thrush, but not the causes, it will almost always return.

To make sure that you avoid yeast infections altogether, try to make sure that you eat healthily, look after your general health, avoid stress and have regular medical exams. That way, you’ll be able to boost your system, and might be able to avoid thrush altogether. Try eating live culture yoghurt regularly, or including other Candida fighting foods in your regular diet too.

Start With the Mildest Treatments

As with many things, treatments for thrush can do more harm than good. It’s always a good idea therefore, when you do suffer an infection, to start with the mildest forms of treatments first.

Try one of the many natural remedies for thrush out there, avoid sexual contact when you are infected, take care of your general health, and so on. If that does not work, you can try over the counter remedies, and if that still doesn’t work, then your doctor should be able to prescribe treatment.

Make sure that whatever treatment you do choose, you ensure that you continue with treatment long enough to eradicate the infection completely – rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Is Candida harmful?

Candida yeast cells are a normal component of all our bodies. It’s only when the conditions that the cells multiply out of control, you experience an ‘overgrowth of yeast cells’ and your body does what it normally does to any ‘invader’, it reacts! Itching and irritation associated with a yeast infection are your bodies natural reaction to the overgrowth of yeast cells which are causing the irritation. The trick to avoiding and treating thrush is to know the common triggers of yeast infections, you may in time get to know your own triggers, and be able to take action as soon as you feel the symptoms of an ‘overgrowth’.

O.k so how can you get fast relief from yeast infection symptoms – using natural remedies? Usually I have to read through a mountain of information to get help. When it comes to piecing together a good plan to start to tackle the symptoms of thrush it can become a nightmare. However again and again I’ve heard good reports from one easy to implement online resource for natural remedies against yeast infection. This is one of the few I’m happy to show you because it offers clear precise instructions on how to find relief fast.

Click Here – for a very practical ‘how to’ Guide to getting Natural relief from Thrush!

Unfortunately if you are suffering from thrush right at this moment then reading about effective long term methods just isn’t going to give you what you urgently need now, which is fast relief NOW! But I am glad to say you will be able to access both in the link to the Resource above.

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