Oral Thrush in Babies

Oral thrush( Candida albicans) in babies is not uncommon but it might make you feel desperate and worried. I myself experienced this condition with my baby and I felt very uneasy. Identifying it isn’t as hard as you might think. I will list signs and symptoms and also how your child might have acquired it.

Signs to look for:

White patches around babies mouth and tongue.

Small red dots that look like pimples around outside of mouth

Diaper rash right after white patches in mouth.

The reason for the diaper rash is that this condition is a type of yeast infection which will spread to the diaper area.


your baby will probably feel discomfort while drinking from a bottle or when it is feeding time. Do not try to clean the patches off of your babies mouth as this will make her mouth sore and might bleed.

If you suspect thrush in your baby take her immediately to her pediatrician. They will prescribe your baby Nystatin in a liquid form to give him/her orally and as a lotion/cream for the diaper area. You must give your baby this medicine every 6 hours even after it disappears as it might come back quite easily.

Nystatin is used to treat fungal infections of the mouth, skin, vagina and intestinal tract. You must follow the directions carefully as prescribed by your doctor. Make sure you follow up with your babies pediatrician to make sure the thrush has completely disappeared.

Another tip is to clean your babies diaper area with warm water and not baby wipes so that the rash may clear quickly. Be aware that there are side effects that may be present when your child takes this medicine. Your baby might feel irritation, itching or burning sensation. If you notice any discomfort in your child make sure you stop giving them the medication and follow up immediately with their pediatrician.

How could your baby have acquired thrush? There are many ways and pinpointing the main one might not be possible.

Kissing your baby in the mouth can be a cause

Not disinfecting the bottle nipple or pacifiers

Letting your child put things in their mouth

They can also catch it if you have it, in that case both of you should be treated.

Oral thrush in babies is very unpleasant to the eye and also very irritating to your child, make sure you start the medication right away before the condition worsens and spreads. Remember your child cannot speak yet and this is why it is important to address it quickly before it brings them any discomfort. Sterilize their bottles and pacifiers and be aware of what they chew on as well, this will definitely help your little one.

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